Week of October 3-7, 2022


Another short, but busy week!

The children have been enjoying creating lots of decorations for both our classroom sukkah and some to take home. They worked on them each day we were here, plus on Friday they worked on a special project, decoupaging some tissue paper squares onto glass yogurt jars to make tea light holders to bring home! It was so much fun to be creative this week and many of the children enjoyed the crafts so much that they chose to make multiples of each!

The sukkah in our classroom is over in our cozy area, so the children have had fun hanging out there throughout the day when they are taking a rest or reading a book.

We continue to work on the basics of working in a Montessori classroom, and the children continue to do a great job getting comfortable with it! On Friday we did a review of getting a mat for floor work, unrolling it, re-rolling it, and replacing it when we are finished. The children were very excited to participate in the demonstration at morning circle time, and have been so proud to show what they are learning as they do their work in the classroom.

We are looking forward to another great week next week, with some special days upcoming!

The Garinim kitah/classroom has been a very busy place to be! At the beginning of the week we learned more about Yom Kippur and now we have transitioned into full blown sukkah/hut building. We created an indoor sukkah with all the decorations made by the children. We made etrog prints, painted pomegranates/rimonim and constructed kiwi/keevee with paint, glue and a bit of cutting. We decorated gourds and glued seeds to give it texture! We sang a Sukkot song and we will be introducing more holiday songs to the children throughout next week.

Shabbat Shalom!



Another short week and another very busy one.  On Monday we talked a bit more about Yom Kippur and how we want to be such nice friends and family members.  We took some of the apples that we punched out last week and added them to our very own tree.  This tree was so special to us because we used our hand and arm to trace for the trunk and branches.  We then delighted in sticking on all those little apples.  

Once we came back on Thursday we quickly switched gears and started talking about our next holiday Sukkot.  This holiday is a harvest holiday and one that we construct a special hut called a sukkah.  We talked about building a sukkah with 3 walls and adding greenery on top, which is called skach, so we can still see the sky.  The children enjoyed making their own sukkah project complete with their own picture holding a play lulav and etrog.   We also enjoyed practicing our cutting skills by cutting on the line to make strips of paper that we stapled together to make some paper chains that we will hang in our classroom sukkah next week.  

Have a great start to your sukkot, chag sameach (happy holiday).



The children were very busy in the classroom with the Montessori materials for this short week.  We had a nice discussion about Sukkot with the children. There were a couple of books read to discuss this Holiday.  The most popular tradition is building and decorating a hut called a Sukkah. We talked about how on Sukkot,  families welcome guests into their sukkah or visit friends and enjoy delicious seasonal foods.  Also, to be thankful for what we have.  



The week started with Kapparot - students from the older grades collected tzedakah (coins) from our kindergartners, gathered it all together in one bag and swung it around their heads as they blessed our Keshet kids for a good, healthy and joyful year. 

The children are working with the Decimal System, collecting specified quantities of  golden beads correlating to the selected cards (ex. 4 unit beads, 3 ten bars, 6 hundred squares (consisting of 100 golden beads wired together)  and 2 thousand cubes).  They work in small groups with instructions from the teacher. 

These Keshet kids are becoming quite familiar with some of the Hebrew letters and can now recognise (and do the corresponding yoga poses) for                                              ש   ר   א   ם   ח   י   ל   ב  ה  מ  ו

We continue to practice letter sounds and writing the lowercase letters as per the theme of the week.  This week's letters included ‘s’ for sukkah, ‘p’ for palm, ‘m’ for myrtle, ‘w’ for willow -the three species that make up the lulav, and ‘e’ for etrog. We’re singing sukkot songs, which we’re looking forward to sharing with you next Thursday at the Sukkot Singing and Snacking event!

On Thursday we welcomed our newest kindergartner, Yasmin, who speaks both English and Hebrew and she fits right in!  Yasmin’s mom, Ronit, is teaching the third and fourth graders at Ezra. 

Before the leaves fall, we get to enjoy the change of colors, and take time to study leaf shapes and ‘parts of the leaf’. (Base of the leaf, blade, node, petiole, internode…) We’re collecting fallen leaves, comparing and identifying, mostly finding White Oak and Red Maple leaves with some little yellow Birch leaves too. 

See this week’s photos here https://photos.app.goo.gl/9Mcxk2vskRCjEAUq7



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