Week of Sep 29 - Oct 1, 2020

This week our theme was the Sukkot holiday, which we will carry into next week. We put up our own “sukkah” in the classroom. We decorated it with paper chains and cut out paper fruit and vegetables. The children helped to make the decorations by using bingo dotters, sponge painting, and markers. We also painted a lulav at the easel. Morah Sherri tried some Sukkot yoga with us, and we enjoyed learning some holiday themed poses. We also learned some new songs!
Let’s Build a Sukkah
“Let’s build a sukkah, a lovely sukkah
A hut that’s open to the sky.
Each night we’ll sit down inside it , and watch the stars going by”
Here We Go, Out to Play!
“Here we go, out to play,
To the Sukkah, we’re on our way,
With a hammer, boards and nails, too
We’ll build a sukkah for me and you!
We also went hunting for some leaves outside and found many of all different colors. We brought them into our classroom and the children created leaf rubbings and a leaf collage! We have noticed that we have been having some slightly unpredictable weather. Please make sure your child has extra clothes at school to accommodate multiple changes at school, if need be.
Alim Classroom-  The primary color BLUE came out in the Art area and the Practical Life area.  Different art mediums were presented to the children.  Next week will be discussing the color Orange and how it's a secondary color.  We will do fun experiments and do some color mixing.  Also,  the sound of the week was Z.  We read the Alphatale: Zack the Lazy Zebra.  The children got some giggles and enjoyed the book.  It focused on many sounds beginning with "z".   
This week we learned that sukkot helps us remember our journey from Egypt and how the Israelites lived in sukkahs. We talked about the traditions of sukkot like shaking the lulav and etrog, eating meals and even sleeping in a sukkah
We also “made”our own sukkas and a sparkly craft to hang in our family sukkahs. They are so excited to share their work with you.


We're getting ready for Sukkot, learning about the four species: the lulav (palm fronds, myrtle and willow) and the etrog. Remembering the Hebrews who fled Egypt and wandered in the desert for forty years, ate and slept in temporary dwellings (sukkah, singular/ sukkot, plural).  We celebrate the harvest - and decorate with fruit and vegetables, paper chains, singing songs for the holiday:
Patish, mazmer
nikach maher
Sukkah livnot
Banim v'banot 
(tak tak tak taktak...)
(Loosely translated:  Hammer and nails , we'll take quickly and build a sukkah, with our brothers and sisters.)
And in English:
Let's build a sukkah, a lovely sukkah
a hut that's open to the sky
Each night of Sukkot, we'll sit inside it
And we'll watch the stars going by!
In both Math and Englishlanguage we incorporate cutting and pasting activities and practice writing numbers and letters.  The idea is that the children become comfortable in a group, or small group, working together or independently on a particular activity. We incorporate the theme; in math we 'built a sukkah' with sticks and leaves.  Each child was given four sticks (Lincoln Logs) and some leaves.  Once they created their own sukkah, we created number bonds and compared each - noticing that which was the same (each had four sticks) and the number of leaves - some were the same, some had more or less.  And then counting both their sticks and leaves to make the total number (4 and 3 make 7).  They were each given a sukkah outline and a sheet with apples, leaves, tables, chairs and people drawn on.  They were asked to color and cut out a specific number of items (listening and following direction, with practice in cutting and coloring) and then pasted everything on their own sukkah. 
The Keshet students have a Hebrewperiod with Morah Shira each day. They are currently working on their alef- bet book, and are on the letter Dalet. . Language-  We continued reading Charlotte's Web.  We stopped and went over vocabulary and the content of the story.  The children have different opinions.  It's amazing to hear their interpretations of this story.
In Science we are continuing exploring leaves- with some leaf picture card matching. We explored the Montessori Leaf Cabinet.  The children matched the different shaped leaves to the corresponding cards.  We did an extension and traced some of the wooden leaves on paper. 
Chag Sukkot sameach!
See this week's photo's here  photos.app.goo.gl/fwbfzC12gvfJtPQt9


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