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Week of October 3-7, 2022


Another short, but busy week!

The children have been enjoying creating lots of decorations for both our classroom sukkah and some to take home. They worked on them each day we were here, plus on Friday they worked on a special project, decoupaging some tissue paper squares onto gla…

Week of September 28-30, 2022


A short week, but a fun one! As we get to know the children’s interests and skills more, we are able to provide them work which will be most engaging and challenging for them. We are getting to know these little ones better (and vice versa!) and there were some new activities that…

Week of September 19-23, 2022



Another week together has flown by! It is truly an amazing and wonderful sight to see our littlest ones bringing a mat to the floor, unrolling it, selecting work from the self, bringing it to the mat, and working with concentration, then returning their work to the shelf and rol…

Week of September 12-16, 2022

Montessori Blog Week of Sep 12-16, 2022



We’ve completed another week of school and things are starting to really come together! The children are settling in nicely, and most are now coming into the classroom in the morning and putting their things away in their cubbies and ch…