Montessori Preschool Blog

Week of February 22-26, 2021

This week we celebrated Purim! We made groggers, crowns, and masks! The children wore their crowns while acting out our new song:
“Pretty little Esther went to town,
She bought a little hamantaschen, nice and brown.
She bit a little corner, and then she cried, goody, goody, good…

Week of February 8-12, 2021

This week we finished up our pet week! Even though it was a shortened week with snow days, we made pet pictures at the easel, pet stamp portraits, paper plate dogs, and mosaic cats. We had a lot of fun outside in the snow! We have been working on letter sounds and most of our f…

Week of February 1-5, 2021

This week was a shortened week with our snow and virtual learning day, but we were still very busy! We have two new friends, Pearl and Levi! Everyone has been very welcoming to their two new classmates.
This week and next will be Pet Week. Please bring in a picture of your pet,…

January 25-29, 2021

This week we focused on Tu B’Shevat; the birthday of the trees! Morah Sherri did Tu B’Shevat yoga with us and we made so many fun crafts.
We made handprint trees, cherry blossom trees, and apple trees.
We learned a new song:
See lyrics attached
We ready Sammy Spider’s Fi…

January 18-22, 2021

This week we continued our discussion on winter weather and also touched on dental health week!
We read “The Mitten” and talked about what clothes we wear when it’s cold outside. The children came up with great answers:
Snow pants
We made tissue paper …