Montessori Preschool Blog

Week od Nov 16-20, 2020

This was our first virtual platform this week and it was nice to see our friends smiling faces on Zoom.  We sang our everyday songs: The Good Morning Song,  The 'Days of the Week' song,  The 'Months of the Year' song and 'What's the Weather?' song.  Also, we read a few books. …

Week of November 9-13, 2020


This week we are continuing with our 'All About Me' theme. 

 Our Etz Mishpacha (Family Tree) is complete and looks wonderful.  We will be talking about 'Who's Who' this week with the children in Circle/ Morning Meeting.  

  -  We are learning to pronounce and trace the…

Week of November 2-6, 2020

Monday & Tuesday, Nov. 2/3  were all about Rainbows- to continue with our theme from last week when after the Flood, G-d sent the  people a gift of the Rainbow as a sign that there would never again be another big Flood and the people could begin again with a fresh new sta…

Week of October 26-30, 2020


This week we are focusing on Noah’s Ark as it was last week’s Parashat for Shabbat.   We have integrated all of our learning and activities around this theme.  We have enjoyed a Noah’s Ark book which we have read a few times and then enjoyed and changed the song ‘The Ant…

Week of October 19-23, 2020

This week we are beginning our theme of “All About Me”. We are collecting family pictures of the children (pictures of parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles etc) for our family tree that we are making in our classroom. Please keep in mind that these picture…