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Week of September 8-11, 2020

General reminders: 
* If you arrive at school between 8am and 8:15am your classroom teachers will be waiting to welcome you.  If you arrive after 8:15amand there is no teacher at the door / gate, you should park and walk your child to the main Ezra entrance where an Ezra staff member wil…

First week of school, Sep 1-4, 2020

It's a wrap - week one back at school September 2020!  We did it! Exhausted teachers and I'm sure exhausted children too!! 
Business first: Thanks for your patience, especially at arrival and dismissal times - it's getting more efficient each day but here's a suggestion and an approv…

Learning at Home: June 12, 2020


Oh my word! NOOOOOOOOO it can't possibly be...our last day of school.  It is :(

The 19/20 school year has been a year like no other, in so many ways.  For some it's the last of preschool, for others it's the first year at preschool.  There are days we laughed and played and learned …

Learning at Home: June 11, 2020

Morah Sheryl created an Ocean Bingo game (attached)
Print the attachment and play 3-letter 'e' words. Cut out the letter squares and mix them all together.  Locate the magic 'e'…

Learning at Home: June 10, 2020


Roll out your yoga mat or towel and join Morah Lana for some BEACH YOGA.
Watch Morah Haley read Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems
Crab Craft

-Red and yellow paint…