Talking About Race - A guide for parents and teachers

Dear Ezra Community,
It has been so very difficult to read about and to watch the recent incidents involving violence, inequality and race. For some of us these are events we have seen play out far too many times in our lifetimes. For our older students this is certainly reminiscent of a period of history they have read about from days gone by. For all of us, it is an affront to all we know and believe about the value and sacredness of every human life.
As adults, this situation can be more than we can understand or come to terms with so we can only imagine how confusing and frightening it may appear through the eyes of a child. I have compiled a list of resources you may find useful in speaking with your children, as you deem age and developmentally appropriate and given your own specific family situations. 
My hope is that our country can find its way to heal from both the pandemic and the injustices that are threatening our way of life. May G-d show us the right path to take and provide us with the wisdom to follow it.  
Melanie Waynik