Thank You

Modeh Ani, a prayer traditionally said upon waking up in the morning, is something that our students love to sing at the start of our daily tefillot. The text of the prayer thanks God for restoring our soul to us each day and for being compassionate towards us.  

Not only are there a few great tunes to choose from (this is my favorite!), but the students enjoy sharing what they are grateful for. I find that having this opportunity to pause each day and think about the positive things going on in our lives is always worthwhile and also creates space for students to share with each other on a personal level. 


This week at Ezra, we have been compiling a list of the things that we are grateful for and I’m excited to share them in our word cloud below.


 I’ll add to that list that I am grateful to be in this incredible community. I’m grateful to have such an involved parent community, lay-leaders on Ezra’s board and various committees, as well as dedicated faculty and staff who I love learning with and from every day. I’m grateful that you choose to send your children to us each day - it is from them that I learn the most. 


On Saturday night, we hosted a wonderful and well attended Havdalah service with bonfires and treats right here in our parking lot. This morning our third and fourth grade class ran our annual bagel breakfast which was a huge success. The money raised goes to purchase food for the Jewish Family Service food pantry.  Next week, we’re excited to share our virtual mystery themed Chanukah production. We’re looking forward to many more opportunities to share in celebration and simcha in the coming weeks and months and for more ways to be involved as a community. 


Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving, a restful Shabbat and a light-filled Chanukah,