T-minus 1 day 14 hours 50 minutes

As you read these, please try to remember these are 13 year-olds!!!


"Woopsies, we are supes excited!" (Reuben)

"I am pysched to lay out my beach towel on the sand on the Mediterranean and lay back in the bright sun and take a nap." (Hannah)

"Ya'ight it's gonna be lit." (Owen)

"I really like the Tel Aviv beaches so I am excited." (Marcia)

"I am feeling nervous but I'm ready for a fun time." (Hannah)

"I am looking forward to seeing such a historical country in person." (Jacob)

"7000 miles...two weeks...just this class...hooray." (Sarah)

"The other boys don't believe in climate change." (Why? I guess we'll find out!) (All)

"I've got the horses in the back..." (Owen)

"I am looking forward to canoeing on the Jordan River. After all, I do crew." (Ross)

"I'm ready to go!" (Jacob)

"I am really excited to meet the other kids." (Owen)

"Does Israel have jelly beans?" (Zach)

"I am excited to walk around Tel Aviv." (Sarah)

"I love my new boots - all Israelis have them!" (Ross)

"Squeak" (Hannah)

"I am looking forward to go through Hezekia's Tunnel." (Zach)

"I am a little worried that their pranks are going to be brutal since they keep getting into groups whispering!" (Rabbi Amanda)






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