Teva 2016

Sixth graders from Ezra Academy joined seven other small Jewish day schools for their four day, three night excursion into the woods of Falls Village, CT.

Some students were apprehensive. Ethan wrote, “I had mixed emotions of ‘anxiousness’ and emotion because it was so different than I thought.”

A favorite event was hiking to the Overlook. One student noticed, “The bittersweet aroma of the waterlogged pine filled the air like a natural perfume.” Hannah commented, “the view of the Overlook was amazing. It was as if I could see the whole world in front of me.” Sarah said, “Looking out, I saw the rolling hills of the Berkshires shrouded in a white veil of mist.”  While recalling the time standing in the rain, Jacob wrote, “As the rain tried to dampen our experience, the sight of the Overlook made the day feel a bit drier.”

The purpose of Teva is to learn about nature and Judaism as well as how to recycle, reuse, reinvent and rethink. Students made bike powered smoothies, participated in the “Resource Revolution,”  Eco-Fair, and spent time out in nature with Teva educators.

Another activity on the last night included a bonfire complete with snack. Mike loved the S’mores and wrote, “The savory taste of a roasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham crackers reappeared back into my mouth.”

Moving forward, the sixth grade students are planning a ” Bring It Back To School” project based on their experiences at Teva.


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