The Keshet Experience April 15-18

This was a short week, but a very exciting one. With Pesach rapidly approaching, the excitement is building. The children have been working with their Ilanot partners on preparing for the Seder. They are eager and excited to show off their knowledge of the Peach story as well as parts of the Seder dinner. 

To help us get in the mood for Friday we read Peach stories. With each story we talked about characters, setting, main idea, details, and cause and effect. Some of the stories read were...Nachshon, Who was Afraid to Swim ,Miriam in the Desert, and The Story of Passover. 

And what would a Wacky Wednesday be without plague hats and Peach face paint...and  Pharaoh of course!

Children also had the opportunity to make connections to Pesach and math. There are many numbers associated with this holiday and the children had to identify as many as they could and then add them all up!!! 

We ended the week with  The Exodus Games!!!! Children were put on teams (a mix of k-8th graders) and rotated around the school for a variety of activities! Dancing, Pesach Jeopardy , Wall Climbing, Origami Frog making, Banner and team cheer, The Story of Passover, Building Pyramids, and a Chametz search! The day ended with the presentation of banners and the team cheer!

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Wishing you a wonderful Pesach. 

Morah Beth and Morah Gila!



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