The Keshet Experience April 8-12

The week began with a FUN birthday celebration. The children made me a beautiful birthday card and we celebrated with birthday hats and lots of birthday singing!

Wednesday was once again....wacky! We celebrated with Crazy mis-match day! colors, patterns, and all sorts of mis matched items certainly made us a sight! We also had the opportunity to work with the Ilanot children on parts of the Seder. They worked on the seder order, 10 plagues, The 4 Questions, as well as some songs. 

Thursday we celebrated a very special milestone! Our Torah Ceremony!!!!!!  The children worked to hard and while they were a bit nervous, they were also very excited and proud of their accomplishments! We are tremendously proud of them as well. 

We ended the week with a special visit from Hillel's Abba, Nadav, who came to us with his guitar and ready to sing Peach songs. Todah Raba Nadav!

Reading groups continued with a variety of stories and skills for children to develop. One of the more challenging skills the children are learning about is cause and effect. While this is a challenging concept, they are working hard and beginning to identify situations within a story. 

Phonics and Sight Word work continue with lots of practice and repetition. Short vowels continue to be a challenge for many so I encourage lots of practice at home as well. 

First graders worked on words with /oa/, and /ow/ (long a sounds) from the Spelling program. 



In Math Kindergarten students have been working on "making a 10". They each took a die and rolled a number. Then, with the use of counting cubes, "counted on" until they got to 10. This activity was also done with manipulatives as well as pictures. 

1st graders began AND completed a new unit on fractions!!!!!  a whole, 1/2 and 1/4 were covered. The children learned that in order to be 1/2 or 1/4 the sectioned must be divided equally. The 1st grade also began a unit on telling time. We began with clock vocabulary. Ask your child about  digital vs. analog, face and hands. You can also ask your child how many seconds in a minute? How many minutes in an hour? What is the difference between am & pm? How do we count around the clock?

Our Morning Meeting always includes lots of math. Veronica led us through the process this week and did an absolutely amazing job! From counting the days, to skip counting by 10's, 5's, and 2's, tallying, and 1/10 more/less. It's hard to believe the we only have 38 school days and 68 total days left before summer break!


This week in Open Circle we talked about how to express our feelings when we become upset. The "I feel" sentence is an exceptional tool, that allows children to express exactly why they are upset while allowing others to understand as well. 

When a child is in the red light stage they are encouraged to use the 

'I feel _____________, because..." sentence. We have really been working hard on this skill, as it helps the children identify their own feelings as well.  


We are learning so much about Passover. We had a chance for some tutoring in the Haggadah by the Ilanot students, which was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy peer-to-peer learning. Thank you Morah Gail and the Ilanot students!

We had a chance to number and color a ten plagues booklet. We looked at a Sammy the Spider Haggadah in class together, and I sent home a copy with each student. These are yours to keep. We also have played a “shopping for Pesach” game, and we have reviewed Pesach concepts with a new “I have… Who has…?” game.


The children are making progress in their Hebrew language studies, while having fun! Things one students are gaining confidence as their skills improve. Things Two kids are making their very own illustrated Hebrew storybooks! We have just begun this project, and are very excited about it! We are writing about a wide variety of characters – silly monsters, soft bunnies, slithery snakes and adorable kittens!


By the time you read this, I’m certain the children will have done a wonderful job at our Torah ceremony! Thank you for joining us. We hope you enjoyed!


In this week’s parshah, Metzora, we learn more about the skin disease called leprosy. (I can’t say that we’ve dwelled on this topic!)

Shabbat Shalom!!!

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