The Keshet Experience February 10-14

Wooohoooo.... Happy 100th day!!!! On Wednesday we celebrated our 100th day of school with a variety of activities. In addition to dressing like we were 100 years old, children wrote about what they would be like when they are 100, and what they would do if they had $100.00. During math, there were a variety of STEM activities provided. Children had to collect 100 pieces of the designated items, create a structure, and document what they used and illustrate a picture of their creation. We were also very excited to reach the number 100 in our calendar  routine. We counted to 100 by 2's, 5's and 10's!!!!

In Reading groups we continue to celebrate Black History month by continuing to read/learn about a variety of amazing men and women. Ask your child to tell you about Ruby Bridges, Sojourner Truth, Booker T. Washington, 

In Math kindergarten children have been working on the "counting on" method. They have learned that when adding it is easier to start with the larger number and count on. Manipulatives and pictured have been used to assist with this skill, however, children are strongly encouraged to continue practicing their math facts!

Children in 1st grade began learning about 3 digit addition. They have also been working on "mental math" at the beginning of their math lessons. Mental math consist of children being provided with 20 (addition or subtraction) equations that are to be completed in 2 minutes or less. Children are really doing a great job with them and are encouraged to continue to work on mastery of math facts. And of course everyone had a blast with our 100th day math!

Writing has continued daily. Upon entering the classroom the children continue  find their journal and look for their writing prompt at their table. Children are asked to (do their best to) read the prompt and work independently, illustrate and date their entry.

Monday- I feel loved when...

Tuesday - What is Tu B'Shevat? Why is it important?

Wednesday - When I am 100 I will...., If I had 100 dollars I would...

Thursday - What is special about our class. 

This week's Open Circle lesson focused on a review of building positive relationships. children were reminded of the various skills taught this year and were asked to think back and evaluate their own progress.  Has Open Circle helped them get to know someone better? Have they been able to take on a leadership role? Have they been able to express your anger more appropriately? Have they been able to identify how someone is feeling just by looking at them? Have they used positive self-talk and has it helped? Ask your child what skills they feel they have improved on and which ones do they still feel they need to work on? 

Spelling this week's spelling was a review of the "special words for writing". Children have been exposed to many sight words throughout the year that they will be quizzed on next week.  

From Morah Gila:

Our week started with a fun lower school celebration of Tu Beshevat, which included a variety of activities and crafts and songs. Come see the forest on the bulletin board outside of our classroom!

In Hebrew, our Kindergarten is learning the letter Ayin. We traced Ayin with and without sensory bags. We did the Ayin pages in our workbook, and we played Go Fish games with letters up to Ayin. We also played a new game, Sound Match, in which we had colorful circles containing all of the Hebrew letters spread out on our tables. The students listened to a Hebrew word and then found the letters that match the sounds in the word. The children worked together beautifully, and were very successful!

Some of our first graders are decoding in Hebrew and playing games with letter/vowel combinations. Our script group is learning Shin, Sin and Tet this week. The Keshet kids are all working hard and doing a great job.

We began a tefillah learning packet this week. The children will explore the meanings of many tefillot and will have a chance to personalize the meaning with some writing and illustrations. We are off to a great start!

This week’s parshah is Yitro. In it, we learn about some very significant moments in the early history of our people, including the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. 

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Shabbat Shalom, 

Morah Beth and Morah Gila



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