The Keshet Experience - May 13-17

Monday and Tuesday we were lucky to avoid the rain and get outside for recess. Wednesday was a lovely day and we were able to experience the Mile Run in perfect weather. Morah Beth and Morah Gila even "ran" with the class....( and we use that term very loosely). The children did a fantastic job giving it their all and supporting each other through the finish line! And it should definitely be said that Morah Beth was by far more stylish than any other teacher participating in the run!

Science continued with the Solar System!!!! This week we talked about our very own planet Earth as well as Mars. Ask your child they can fill in these blanks. Earth is the ____rd planet fro the sun. Earth is mostly covered with ___________. It takes __________days for the earth to make one rotation around the sun. The Earth's center is called the _______(just like the sun). The Earth's crust is made up of _____ and _____.  When the Earth's plates move it causes an _______.

Mars is also called The ____ Planet. Mars has wild _______. For example it can have a major ____storm. The temperature on Mars is always ______. We know about Mars because of the __________ that send us pictures and videos. 

Reading for the week began with the 1st graders breaking into small groups and reading to the Kindergartners. while reading they take time to focus on character, setting, and details. The rest of the week children were divided into their groups and read books about the solar system.  

Phonics and Sight Word work are a constant throughout our day. Identifying sight words from the word wall and books, incorporating them into writing, and games. 1st graders worked on a review of words from the spelling program. 1st graders have also being introduced to a variety of grammar rules. At this point when they write the beginning of a sentence and proper nouns, should be capitalized. Sentences should all end with the paper punctuation. They should all have a solid understanding of what nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives are, as well as what a complete sentence consists of. With this knowledge they are 

In Math the Kindergarten began a unit on time. Children were introduced to the clock. New vocabulary included digital, analog, hands, face, hour, minute, second, 

First graders have been working on adding numbers to 120. They have used the "rainbow" method as well as the "up/down" method. 

In Open Circle we talked more about problem solving and even came up with a problem solving bag! Children write and illustrated problems they experience and as a class we brainstormed to help provide solutions for out friends in need. 

This week in our Hebrewlanguage lessons we have been practicing our colors in Hebrew, we have read stories in Hebrew, and we have learned some lyrics to a new song which was created to celebrate Israeli Independence Day and features many famous Israeli singers . It is called “Shevet Achim V’Achayot” or “A tribe of Brothers and Sisters” - here is the link to the YouTube video: You

We also have played our flyswatter game, with much success spotting letters, words and the names of all of the children in our class. The names were written without vowels!

We have been learning about the life of Rabbi Akiva and the holiday of Lag BaOmerwith stories and craft projects. We even had a word search – by popular demand!

Please check out this week's photos from the link below.






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