The Keshet Experience October 2-11

From Morah Beth :

We have had two short weeks, but they have certainly been full of activities and learning! We began last Wednesday Tashlich. The Keshet children were paired with the 7th graders and we took a walk up the road to the pond. Rabbi Amanda led us in the tashlich prayers and then the 7th graders read a book called, "Yettele's Feathers". After hearing this story about lashon harah, the children came back to class and were asked to write one thing they would like to do better in the new year. Their words were added to a "ladder" and will be on display for all to see. On Monday the 8th grade also came to our classroom for Kapparot. Tzedekah was collected and the 8th grade explained about this tradition. 

Mike Blatchley (Ari's dad) joined us for Fire Safety on Monday. Mike taught is some VERY important tips. Please be sure to speak with your children and ...

1. Make a meeting place with your family and practice using it. 

2. Be sure to change the batteries in your smoke detector at daylight savings time. 

3. Test your smoke detectors once a month

4. VERY important new tip. Sleep with your door closed.A closed door significantly prevents the spread of fire. 

Ask your child what else they learned from Firefighter Blatchley, and how they can keep themselves safe in case of a fire!

Another special guest we had was Nurse Carolyn, who came in to teach us the proper way to wash our hands. After children covered their hands with glitter, and then shook each others hands and "spread their germs", Nurse Carolyn gave us some important guidelines on how to properly get rid of the germs. We also watched this short video clip to help reinforce these skills.

Kol Hakavod to ll of our special visitors!

 We have continued reading groups as well as  our read-a-loud.  The children have heard a variety of Yom Kippur and Sukkot stories as well as some Charlotte's Web. With the read-a-aloud we have been talking about fiction/non-fiction & realistic fiction, in addition to characters, setting, and problems. 

This week in  Math  the 1st graders are continuing to develop subtraction skills. It is important for them to remember that when we subtract we ALWAYS startwith the "whole" and subtract one of the "parts" in order to get the other "part".  Ask your child to show you an example of "part + part = whole" and "whole - part = part" and ask them to show you how they connect. As the numerals become larger the children are asked to use the counting on/countingback strategy. Children in Kindergarten are continuing with 10 frames, number recognition, and one to one correspondence.  Every morning all of the children practice skip counting, learn about the calendar. You can help your child by asking them what the day is. What was yesterday and what will tomorrow be?  See if they can tell you the date and what month it is. Each day we also discuss the weather, and all of these things are done in both English and Hebrew!  

Writing has continued daily. Children have been taught and reminded of how to use the lines as well as how to space out their words (finger space). 

Journal writing consisted of writing about...

* something you are sorry for

* something you want to do better in the New year.

* something you learned from the fire safety lesson with firefighter Bletchley

* children also worked on sight words (kinder) and ABC order (1st). 

The Open Circle lesson focused on "giving and receiving compliments" Children learned how to full a bucket with a compliments as well as what to do/say after receiving one!

  From Morah Gila:

On Monday, we practiced Aveinu Malkeinu together for the last time. Many students sang it at their synagogues on the holiday. We also heard another version of the “Jonah and the Whale” Torah story. When we returned to school after the holiday, we told each other about our Yom Kippur experiences. Hearing the shofar and enjoying a children’s service were some of the highlights, but family, friends and food topped the list!

We are learning so much about Sukkot. We have practiced the brachot for sitting in the sukkah and waving the lulav and etrog. We even watched the eighth graders assemble our class lulav and etrog. The students learned about the parts of the lulav and etrog in class, including a warning to keep the pointy, floppy palm branch away from everybody’s faces! We created multi-media art projects that show “me in the sukkah.” They are on our holiday bulletin board in the hallway near our classroom.

The book “The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever” included a lesson about Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and specifically about donating to a soup kitchen. Several students mentioned that they had noticed food drives going on in their synagogues. We also heard the stories “One Good Deed,” and “Rosie Saves the World.” These three stories are brand new PJ Library books, and everyone enjoyed them very much.

We continued to learn the words to the sukkot song “Patish, Mazmer,” which the children really enjoyed. Here is a link to a video of it:

The Keshet kids have continued their terrific behavior in whole school tefillah. They have been able to enjoy staying in the chapel through the end of the service! This is early in the year for this level of maturity, especially for our new Kindergarten kids, of course. Good job!

This short week was a good time to review the Hebrew languageskills that we have already been working on. I’m so impressed with how quickly everyone is learning the first half of a very fast, vocabulary filled Alef-Bet song. We will learn rest of the words soon. Here is the link, in case you missed it last time:

The children also played Hebrew language games that either had letters, letters with vowels, or words, depending on their current level. Also, we decorated the covers of our very own Alef-Bet dictionaries! I’m excited to start this project with the children. They will choose vocabulary words from our many alef-bet dictionary resource books. They will either trace or write words, or write sentences, depending on their level. The sentence writers will start with a practice paper. They will get corrections and work on copying the corrected sentence into their dictionaries. Everyone will illustrate their dictionary entries. Also this week, some first grade students have begun to learn the letters in script handwriting. They have been asking for this, and are really excited!

Shabbat Shalom & Chag Sameach!

Beth & Gila

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