The Keshet experience - September 2-6

We would like to thank everyone who came out for Open House. It was a lovely evening and we hope you got a glimpse of what school will be like for your children. 

From Morah Beth:

 We started reading groups this week!!! There are a variety of groups working on a variety of skills. For the who are readers they are in a shared reading group of their peers. Children take turns reading aloud (and finger following) until the book is completed. Once the book is completed there are a variety of skills they can work on. These skills include; identifying character & setting, cause and effect, main idea, and problems & solutions. If your child is not yet a reader they are working on pre-reading skills, such as letter recognition, upper/lowercase identification, beginning sounds, and rhyming. Children rotate through these centers until everyone completes the skills necessary for their learning. 

Math lessons have been progressing in a wonderful way. Children are placed with a group of peers on their academic level, allowing group work and discussion to fit everyones needs. This week the Kindergarten students worked on number recognition, matching illustrations to numerals & number order. First Graders have continued with number bonds and ways to make a number. 

Each morning writing takes place. The children enter the room and find their journals on the table. Upon entering children are asked to think about a topic, illustrate a picture and write a sentence. If children are unable to write at this time they dictate their words to a teacher, and then may trace what has been written. As the year goes on the expectation will change and they will begin to produce more detailed work. 1st graders also have designated time for writing, where pieces of the Writer's Workshop are covered. 

Open Circle continued this week with a lesson on "interrupting". We role played where I provided examples of what interrupting looks like, and after all of the giggles, the children realized how it can seem to the person being interrupted. We talked about ways to show a teacher that you have something to share without interrupting. (hand raising) We also discussed different signals they can use at home to let you know they need something without interrupting!

Spelling and sight words have been provided to each of the groups. 1st Grader's have been provided with a list of words from the spelling program that focus on the short a sound. They had their very first spelling quiz today and did a great job! Throughout the week they are provided with activities from the program to help instill this spelling rule. Kindergarten children have also been working on the short a in addition to the long a! They have been provided with three sight words to learn that happen to have the letter "a" in them. /a/, /an/,&  /at/. Fun  activities are provided to help with the learning of these words through coloring and lot's of repetition. 


From Morah Gila:

This week’s Parshah is Shoftim, in which Moses teaches the Jewish people about courts, judges, fairness, prophets and kings. The Jewish people must offer peace before fighting a war. Even in a war, no fruit trees can be cut down. 

In Tefillah, we have been working on Shema and Ve’ahavta. The goals are accurate reciting of the prayer, understanding key aspects of the meaning of the prayer, and enjoying singing the prayer together.

In Hebrew language learning this week, some children used “glitter-gel” bags for a sensory letter-learning experience. Many played learning games, and everyone worked in their level specific workbooks. All of the first graders did a bit of writing in Hebrew, as always, each at their own level. Also, we are learning more of the words to L’Olam Be’Ikvot Ha’shemesh! The children seem to love this first song of the year!

We have been discussing our Shabbat experiences and reading stories about Shabbat. We have also begun to learn about Rosh Hashana. We made apple-printing artwork that came out just beautiful!

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