The Keshet Experience - September 23-27

From Morah Beth:

This week was safety week. Each day we practiced (as a school) safety drills. Monday was a "fire drill". We heard the alarm, lined up at the door and promptly and quietly exited the building to the grassy area. 

 Tuesday was "shelter in place, where we closed the shades, closed and locked the doors, and went about out business. 

Wednesday was a "lock down", where we "played" hide and seek". We hid from Dr. Waynik. The children were split into two groups and "hid", quietly, in the bottom of the closet. (doors were kept opened for the drill). THEY WERE FANTASTIC and there was no appearance of any anxiety over the drill. 

Thursday was an evacuation drill where we followed the fire drill rules and walked, quietly outside to the grassy area. 

Friday was a lesson from Nurse Carolyn on how to keep each other safe. She taught us all about how to call 911! Please talk to your children about how to properly use your cell phone. Cell phones these days require codes or use facial recognition to unlock them so please show your child how to get into your phone or show them where the emergency button is.  It is also extremely  important for your child to know their first AND last name their address AND at least one of your cell phone numbers! Please be sure to look at the yellow form that is coming home today and review it with your child!

We began the week with Eli leading us through the calendar routine with days of the week, months of the year, date, days in school, weather, and skip counting. Our morning meetings are full of math, Hebrew, and Tefillah and Eli did a great job guiding us through the process!

Tuesday was so much fun! Bubby came to bake apple kugel with us! We cut apples, added cinnamon, sugar, margarine, and eggs to make a very yummy sweet treat. 

This week's reading began with a book called "Apples" . In preparation for Rosh Hashanah the we continued to learn about apples and bees. This book tied in beautifully with last week's field trip. After hearing about how apple trees are grown, the role of the bees, and all of the many things we can do with apples we talked about the type of book this was. The children were able to determine that this was a "Non-Fiction" book and that the author's purpose was to inform the reader. We also read a Story called "Gershon's Monsters". This we determined was a fictional story. Gershon was a man who was quite selfish until he learned a very valuable lesson. Ask your children about his monsters and how he got rid of them! We ended the week with "Tashlich at Turtle Rock". This was a story of a little girl who planned a tashlich experience for her family. This girl asked her family to think about three things. Ask your child to think about them as well. 1. What memory from last year would you like to take with yo into the new year? 2. What poor choice would you like to throw away? 3. What new memory would you like to make in the new year? After reading this story we decided that it was "realistic fiction". 

Reading groups also continued with small groups, shared and independent  reading, as well as follow up activities that focused on a variety of language arts and grammar skills. 

The kindergarten children had a very exciting Friday!!! They each read their very first book!!!! Please work with your children on their short vowel sounds as well as the September sight words. 

the; is; it; a; an; as; at; to; do; he; she; me; we; be

This week in Math  the 1st graders completed a unit on addition, and began a subtraction unit. We talked about the fact that adding puts two parts together to get a whole. and when we hear the word altogether we know that we need to add. With subtraction the children learned that it is the whole that is provided and it is their job to find the missing part. Kindergarten children continue to work on one-to-one correspondence, ten frames, and numbers to 10. 

Writing has continued daily with journal entries.

Monday was a free writing choice. 

Tuesday children shared two things they learned about the brain and heart.

Wednesday was writing about the Baking with Bubby experience.

Thursday children shared how they felt during one of the safety drills that occurred this week.

All children are encouraged to write at least 2 sentences. They have been taught that a sentence requires an upper case letter and a period at the end. They are also encouraged to sound out the words to the best of their ability. Invented spelling is welcomed and encouraged!

In science this week we moved down from our brains and learned about the heart. Ask your children about what the heart does for their bodies.

This week's Open Circle lesson focused on DD (dangerous or destructive)behaviors. While children are always encouraged to use the "I feel" sentence they are also STRONGLY encouraged to come to a teacher when they witness a dangerous or destructive behavior. Ask your child what dangerous and destructive behaviors are. 

The first graders have continued to focus on short vowel sounds for spelling while the kindergarten children continue with sight words for the month of September and the short vowel sounds. Please practice these at home with your child.  

From Morah Gila:

This week we have continued with stories, games, discussions and art projects all about the High Holy Days. When the children decorated the bag that contains our New Year art projects, they were encouraged to deconstruct apple shapes to create an abstract design. This was a chance to “think outside the box,” and I’m proud of their willingness to experiment. We have been learning the Aveinu Malkeinu prayer and three verses of “Shana halcha, Shana ba’ah.” Our wonderful Israeli Emissaries, Tal and Li’on, came to the Keshet room with a special team memory game about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. The children enjoyed this so much!

In our morning meetings, we learn a lot of Hebrew vocabulary. These include the days of the week, weather, colors, numbers up to 20 and some action words. We have short (repetitive) discussions in Hebrew. We sometimes have a written morning message. According to each child’s level, we take turns reading the morning message from a large chart, finding and circling various letters, finding and circling words, and even finding root letters. Some of our Hebrew language learning comes in the form of learning songs, and the children are enjoying singing so much! We have just begun to learn a vocabulary-filled aleph-bet song. Here is a link where you can check out the video.  

One Hebrew group finished a unit this week! They read small storybooks and completed a workbook full of related reading activities. They were very proud of their accomplishment, and loved being able to take a workbook home!

In our class tefillah, we are continuing to learn the words of the Ve’ahavta. This prayer will occupy us for quite a while. I will begin delving into the meaning of the prayers after the holidays. We also sang Psalm 150, focusing on the “halleluyah”s this week. This was in preparation for joining in with the whole school community on Thursday morning, in which our students participated beautifully.

Please clink on the link to enjoy this week's photos and be sure to check out the video link below:

We wish you all a wonderful shabbat and  happy, healthy, sweet, new year!




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