The Keshet Experience September 9-13

From Morah Beth: 

We have continued to read Charlotte's Web. Wilbur is currently in a panic because he has discovered what Zuckerman's plan for him is! Charolette has assured him that she will save him and we are in the process of finding out how! Ask your children to share some of this exciting information with you!

This week in  Math the 1st graders began a unit on adding numbers to ten. They are learning how to create "number stories" and have learned about the terms; "addition", "equal to/the same as", "equations", and "altogether".  They are also learning the "counting on" strategy in order to help aid them in solving simple addition equations. Kindergarten students are continuing to develop a number sense as well as learning to properly form and write the numerals 1-5. They also learned a fun song to help with number formation. Please see the link and ask your children to sing along and "air write!"

Here is a "work-out" and count song the kids loved!

Writing has continued daily. Topics for this week were as follows: 

Monday - something you did over the weekend

Tuesday - tell about a favorite book or story 

Wednesday - cards for Rosh Hashanah

Thursday - tell about a favorite free choice activity

Friday - free choice writing

Throughout the writing process those who are able to write independently are reminded to use an upper case letter at the beginning of their sentence and punctuation at the end. If children are unable to write independently they illustrate a picture and dictate to a teacher who then documents their thoughts. 

This week's Open Circle lesson focused on manners. We read a really silly book called "Manners Mashup"! Ask your children about the many different manners they can use for the classroom, parties, pools, theaters, eating, playground, etc! In the classroom we are strongly encouraging the children to use "please" and "thank you". We are also continuing to work on not interrupting by raising hands and not speaking over someone. 

The first graders received another spelling list, focusing on the short /i/ soundKindergarten students have been continuing to work on their September sight words, as well as working from the explode the Code program. This is a program that emphasizes phonemic awareness. Children are introduced to letters (upper and lower case) and are provided with specific tasks involving these letters.

 ART news from Morah Lana

 The Keshet children are working collaboratively on a large scale painting  “An Apple Garden Mural” using surprising tools such as water balloons to create the apples.

Such fun work helps young children unlock their self-determination in the color choices and to respect the choices of others.

It is also a great exercise that helps kids to develop a confident range of motion of their shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers while they paint. 

From Morah Gila:

This week in tefillah, we continued learning Shema and Ve’ahavta. In our Kabbalat Shabbat, we sing many prayers, as well. It is a time of high energy and fun!

This week’s parshah is Ki Tetze. Moses teaches the Jewish people many things. Parents should be fair to their children, and children should be respectful to their parents. A good neighbor returns a neighbor’s lost animals. People should help animals. People should put a fence around a patio on flat roof so that people don’t fall off. If people work for you, you should be kind to them. If you loan money to someone who can’t pay it back, you should be kind about it. A farmer should leave part of their farm unharvested so that people who don’t have money for food can take something to eat.

This week, we talked about the Israeli flag and the Israeli national anthem, which we sing every morning after the pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag. We learned a bit about the meaning of Hatikvah, and began to go over the words. It is important both to connect to the meaning and also to sing the words correctly. The children are doing a wonderful job.

In our Hebrew language studies, the K class continued working on the letters aleph, bet and vet. We have practiced writing the letters in many ways, including tracing with a finger through gel-glitter sensory bags or tracing with dry erase markers on white boards. We also have had a “dot-marker” sheet for letters aleph and bet. In addition, the students in Gan also used letter stamps of the letters they have learned to create beautiful artwork. All of the students got all of these stamp letters right side up. I was impressed with their conscientiousness in checking the orientation of stamps every time! The group had so much fun with these different ways of practicing Hebrew letters. Also this week, I have introduced the letter gimmel. We are moving along at a very nice pace, though I will slow down as necessary to be sure every student is retaining the letters.

The first graders have also been making excellent progress in their Hebrew language skills. One group is focusing on the colors in Hebrew, as well as learning the rest of the aleph-bet and beginning block letter writing. Another group is focusing on learning the vowels, decoding, beginning reading comprehension and block letter writing. Yet another group is writing sentences, finding root letters

Just a note about block letter writing: the skill of writing Hebrew in block letters has very little use, it is true, unless your child ends up teaching Hebrew to children! Still, the block letter writing at this stage is very good reinforcement of the letter shapes and aids in letter recognition, differentiation and retention. For those who are ready (meaning decoding fluently, or, at a minimum, recognizing all of the Hebrew letters consistently), I will begin introducing the script Hebrew letters shortly.

Rosh Hashana is coming! We have been learning so many things about Rosh Hashana, and we have begun to learn about Yom Kippur. We have played a bingo game with Hebrew vocabulary for the holidays. We made a wonderful art project, which you will receive from your child in time for the holiday. We also have heard several High Holidays stories, and we are working on learning a Rosh Hashana song, ‘Shana Halcha, Shana Ba’ah. We have only worked on the first verse.  Here you can find the video

Please click on the link to enjoy this week's photos:


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