This Week in 3 and 4, Feb. 4

We learned about the history of Groundhog Day. The students watched a short video about Groundhog day, and they gathered their classmates’ predictions.

We also did a STEM activity with an empty water bottle, vinegar, baking soda, a balloon, and a flashlight. We used different amounts of baking soda in each balloon and attached the balloon to a water bottle with vinegar in it. We used the flashlight to shine on the bottles as the balloons expanded when the vinegar and baking soda were mixed. We could see the shadows of the balloons inflating. We compared it to a sunny day when the groundhog emerges from hibernation.


The students painted their pinch pot monsters in art - they are even scarier now!



We are continuing our Judaic projects on the Negev and Ben Gurion. Did you know that Israel exports 2 billion dollars’ worth of agriculture each year? We also found out that you can sandboard in the Negev. We are working on creating a Ben Gurion Museum which hopefully we will display outside at some point later on in the school year.



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