This Week in 3 and 4, Jan. 28

This week in Writing we are working on an Opinion Essay. The writing prompt is;

“Which do you like better cold weather or hot weather? Why or why not?”

The students writing a minimum of 5 paragraphs: an introduction, 3 supporting reasons, and a conclusion.


The students were so excited to use clay this week in art! They learned how to make a pinch pot, then we created monsters out of them! They are very fun and scary! 


In music this week we worked on note taking as we reviewed and compared music from both the Baroque and Classical periods! We will be having a brief history and theory quiz this coming Thursday on that material.


We are just beginning a half-year unit on the different biomes in Israel. We will be focusing on the Negev and the characteristics of hot, arid regions. (Eventually we will each be making our own “desert” environments!


We have philosophers among us!  We have been learning about the Amidah for a while now.  We learned that the Amidah was added to our service as a replacement for the Temple service in Jerusalem after the Temple was destroyed.  A spirited discussion followed and it included whether or not we could ever have true world peace, whether or not the 3rd temple could be rebuilt on the Temple Mount where the Al Aqsa Mosque now stands and whether or not we would go back to animal sacrifice.  Very thoughtful and impressive opinions!



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