This Week in 3 and 4, March 3

We had a guest visitor in class this week, Emily's dad Isaac! Isaac outlined a mural that our students took turns painting in.

In science, we have basically finished the physics part of the 4th grade curriculum. As you know, it was heavily centered on the engineering aspect of STEM education, as we built everything from dams, bridges, skyscrapers, and of course tunnels. This term we have moved to a more chemistry based curriculum. We have been experimenting with different states and changes in matter, buoyancy, physical and chemical changes, using the metric system to measure mass, volume and calculating density etc. Basically, asking ourselves, " Whats the MATTA wid you?" 

We have moved on to an introduction to the Periodic Table and the subatomic particles and their charges- protons, neutrons, and valence electrons, atomic number , atomic mass,  ( dovetails nicely with their math unit on decimals and rounding.) Here they are demonstrating the Lewis DOt structure of a Magnesium atom.

This week we worked on the Havdalah Service music and learned about Japanese music history. Our performers were Eli on the piano, Ofek on the drums, and Yair on the electric guitar! Our Mimi Award winners were Cora, Zippy, and Gilad!


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