This Week in 3 and 4, Sept. 16

The students have already been very busy in art. Last week we created a collaborative rainbow from cutouts of their hands on which they wrote things they like. This week they created beehive paintings  in honor of Rosh Hashanah.

This week we did an introduction into music class and talked about how music affected our summers! Our first Mimi Award Winners of the year were Yahav & Ayelet!

In science class we jumped off bridges (not literally- just for today) and moved onto skyscrapers, attempting to build the tallest "crystal tower". We need to add sound proofing. 

We started outside where the children were able to build as high as 11 floors, before the wind toppled the structures and some of their enthusiasm. Inside two groups were able to build to 18 floors. This is an ideal example of a STEM. 
Much of the curriculum in these grades is about learning to work together, communicating effectively, etc. One of the first skills we introduced was collecting and analyzing data. During a Team Tally exercise, students interviewed everyone in their pod and then displayed their data in pie charts. How many siblings? How many instruments do you play? How many vowels in youur name? etc.


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