This Week in 3 and 4

This week we had a surprise visitor on the playground. The students were amazed to see a praying mantis on one of the playground slides. Tani happened to come by when they saw it and the kids were eager to share it with him!. He snapped an awesome photo for us!


Did you know the praying mantis is the state insect for CT? Here is more information if you want to learn more:


We had a bonus math lesson this week. In the classroom we talked about how to find the perimeter and area of a rectangle, then we went to the gym. Students worked three in a group, and each group had 1 roll of toilet paper. The goal:

Make the biggest rectangle you can using the entire roll, then count how many squares you used on each side. Next figure out the perimeter and the area of your rectangle. We went back to the classroom and shared our results!


In Judaics, we worked on Parashat Vayera, focusing on hachnasat orhim, the middah (value) of the month. We looked very closely at Genesis 18:1-8. We are learning how to read the pasuk (verse), translate it and then understand what it really means. Interestingly, each group decided that Avraham would have asked the three “men'' their names. The most fun we had was reenacting the scene with a real tent. Each Abraham washed (yes, real water) the visitors’ feet and fed them a meat meal with bread( no, not real). Students improvised what they would say and they really enjoyed being outside on blankets and pillows on the beautiful sunny day.


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