This Week in 5 and 6, March 11

This week we began our study of Russia, which is, of course, quite a timely coincidence in light of the country’s invasion of Ukraine. I look forward once again to sharing my photos with the class; these were taken in 2010 on my tour of Russia. One moment that I will share with them occurred when our tour guide, Anya, who, for most of the year, is a high school history teacher, told me how worried she was about what would happen when Vladimir Putin resumed the presidency.

The 6th graders completed the unit about Integers and started to talk about rational numbers in math.

In music we got a great dance performance from Lital and discussed narrative music writing as well as details to make music more interesting like fermatas, staccatos, etc. Our Mimi Award Winner was Miri!

The students were excited to see the 7/8th graders Venetian masks, so we decided to create our own in honor of Purim.

We would also like to congratualte Lital Segelman, on her first Torah reading this week. Mazel Tov!


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