This Week in 5 and 6, Oct. 28

In ancient history, students are learning about the invention of irrigation, which they reenacted with Morah Willa. On Friday, they did a civics project to prepare for the upcoming election, making character sketches of political candidates for each branch of government in an ideal republic.

This week in art we talked about Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” painting. We also discussed what a parody is and how that applies to art. They will be creating their own parody of “American Gothic”. Ask them what makes something gothic and what a parody is.

This week in music we talked about what it means to be a band - how to listen, count, lead, pay attention to pitch, and how to work together. They performed “Believer” as a class for me and it was so much fun to see the work they’ve put in together! The Mimi Award winner was Miriam for great leadership within the band!


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