This Week in 5 and 6

The 5th and 6th grade Geography, the students are currently studying what the Northeastern states of America are like. They are studying hard to be able to label the nine states that make up this region and their capitals.

In Language Arts this week, 6th graders learned about irony while reading ‘The Ransom of Red Chief.’ Fifth graders reviewed the concept of conflict in literature. They read ‘Ribbons.” Every few days, they write for their portfolio of writing. I meet one on one with each student to help them edit their work.

This week in Judaics we looked at the parashah and one particular problem in this text-a problem that seemed highly unfair. We read Rashi’s response and that of the Bechor Shor and are about to debate the merits of both commentators. I am hoping as a class we vote for the Bechor Shor, but I don’t get the final say!


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