This Week in 7 and 8, Dec. 10

This week in social studies, we are focusing on important events in the Revolutionary War.  For example, we discussed Washington’s great surprise victory at Trenton, New Jersey, which turned around the course of the war in favor of the Patriots. Another interesting story is that of Benedict Arnold, whose name is now solely associated with treason. We will investigate why this man. who was originally thought of as one of Washington’s top generals, turned against America in the end.

Our algrbra 1, course 1 students summarized everything they learned about slope in a linear equation by doing slope graffiti.

In L.A. we started our first short story unit of the year, reading Ray Bradbury’s classic story “The Veldt.”  This led to a great discussion of how modern technology has had a huge impact on all our lives in the last century. We will also be reading student favorites like “The Lady or the Tiger?” and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

In Judaics, we have started a new feature of our weekly lessons. This developed organically and has become part of our week’s learning. Every

Tuesday, students can ask me any questions they want to know. We have questions about Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and so much more. 

We also went into the BJ chapel to review how to do all things Torah, such as hagbah, gelilah, gabbai rishon and gabbai sheyni. We are ready to practice these skills for Thursday morning.


In art, the students started a new unit on gargoyle sculptures found on buildings, their purpose and their secret function (ask your student to tell you). They started their own clay gargoyles, learning about clay techniques.



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