This Week in 7 and 8, 3/17

Our 8th grade students, Nattaf and Yadid, organized a chess tournament and held it this week. They had a lot of participation from other classes!


In 7th grade math, we started to learn about expression: simplifying and adding expressions.

We did an activity for “Pi Day” as well.

In Algebra I part 2, we are learning about graphing quadratic functions.

In Geometry, we are extending our knowledge about right triangles, and learned about trigonometric ratios.

This week we had some insightful presentations in music class. We started with Eleanor presenting on Elvis, then Nattaf on music videos, then Yadid on music & math, and lastly Hadas on Vocaloid music!
This week in art the students finished working on their grayscale paintings.


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