This Week in 7 and 8, Feb. 10

This week we’re studying polynomials–classifying, adding, multiplying, and starting to factor them.

In science, we are learning about protons, electrons and how the number of each make up different elements. The class was split into two teams and we made a relay race where each student had to correctly identify the number of protons of a certain element before tagging their next teammate in.

In music we had a theory day this week! We reviewed all treble and bass clef note rules and learned about chord and scale structures with the help of Avi on guitar, Eleanor on the piano, and Shai on the xylophone. These three students helped to provide examples of structures and patterns for the rest of the class! We also had Teddy perform on the gong, and our Mimi Award Winner was Hadas!

Instead of art this week the students were team leaders for Ezra Olympics and guided their teams in a collaborative tree drawing project.


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