This Week in 7 and 8, Feb. 11

This week we began our study of the Jefferson administration. Of course, one of his most important decisions was to accept a surprise offer from Napoleon Bonaparte to purchase the Louisiana Territory, which basically doubled in size the young America. We watched a National Geographic film about Lewis and Clark that conveyed how truly amazing their great adventure was; especially satisfying was the credit given to Sacajewea for the mission’s success.

After completing a program about how propaganda was used to propel the Third Reich to power in Germany, we are now watching a great documentary hosted by Bill Moyers explaining how America, once it entered the war, answered back. It turns out that Hollywood director Frank Capra knew exactly what to do.  If you are interested in seeing this program, A Walk Through the Twentieth Century: The Propaganda Battle, here is the link:

The students continued to work on their Venetian masks in art, choosing one of two designs to decorate theirs.


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