This Week in 7 and 8, Feb. 3

We have been studying Talmud Shabbat 31a about three converts who go to Shammai and Hillel. We have only read one story, but we have discussed their different approaches to teaching. One student asked how I would have dealt with the situation. Interesting.

In Algebra I part 2, students are taking the chapter 7 test and starting chapter 8 (polynomials).

We started to read Romeo and Juliet. Students are much more engaged than I imagined they would be! Reading out loud as a play is a hit.

We are also beginning to choose books for our new book report. This one is different than the normal book report and asks students to imagine that, for example, they are a studio executive who has to prove to a donor why their book should be made into a donor!

This week was instrument week and we played xylophones and worked on reading/playing treble clef pieces of music! Our performer was Avi on acoustic guitar, and our Mimi Award winners were Eleanor, Shai, and Avi!

This week in art, the students learned about the artist Georges Seurat, the painting style called Pointillism, and the term optical mixture. They also learn about the connection of atoms and molecules to Pointillism.



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