This Week in 7 and 8, Jan. 20

This week, students shared short presentation on a variety of comparative religion topics. This connected to the learning that we have been doing about Jewish communities and the spread of Islam and Christianity. It was amazing to see how creative the students got with their learning. Next week, we will begin learning more about the Diaspora communities in Ashkenaz and Sepharad.

In Algebra Readiness, we have been working with the three general forms for linear functions, as well as writing piecewise functions using them.


In Algebra I part 2, we are finishing chapter 7 with geometric sequences and starting to prepare for the chapter 7 test.

We are almost finished reading The Chosen. Students edited their short stories. They were unbelievably good and highly compelling. Some of them made me laugh out loud and some made me cry!
Students took their first Talmud exam today! It was on BT Shabbat 21b. Ask your student what Beit Shammai’s opinion is on the way to light Chanukah candles. In addition, what do the bulls of Sukkot have to do with anything?
In civics, we helped Rabbi Amanda study for her citizenship test! Mazel Tov Amanda!!


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