This Week in 7 and 8, Jan. 27

In Algebra I part 2, students are taking a quiz on 7.9 and 7.10, reviewing chapter 7, and taking a chapter 7 test.

Last week in art the students learned about the Chinese New Year which was Sunday, January 22 and that it is the year of the rabbit. They then had the option to create a clay sculpture of either a rabbit, the animal from their birth year, an animal that is meaningful to them, or a dragon. They continued to work on these this week, either to finish building their animal/creature or painting it.

This week in music we had a history day in which we learned about Mexico and took notes on some of the most notable types of music, dance, and instruments to come from their culture. We spent time understanding the influence of the Aztec people and the colonization of the Spaniard. For a performance, Joey did a breakdance while Shai drummed! The Mimi Award winner was Yadid.

Our students also held their first meeting of our new Chess Club! The Chess Club was founded by two 8th grade students and is open for students of all ages.


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