This Week in 7 and 8, Jan. 28

This week we are continuing our study of George Washington’s administration and the conflicts that arose between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, who had very different ideas about how our government should be run.*  We are also examining how the first political parties evolved and discussing the fact that Americans are still arguing over many of the same issues today. 

*I would like to express my gratitude here to Lin Manuel Miranda, who has made my job much easier in the last few years.

Algebra 1 course 2 has started to explore the quadratic equation.

Now that we have finished reading Animal Farm, we are embarking on a study of propaganda, which played a big part in the novel. We will be examining the various kinds of propaganda and how they have been used in history, particularly in the 20th Century, to sway the opinion of a mass of people, often not for the better.

This week we are finishing up our projects on the afterlife in different Jewish movements. This has led to some really interesting, if not heated, debates. We really do care about the afterlife in this class.

We are continuing our study of Jonah chapter 2 - we are going very slowly because our students have so many questions they want to explore.

In music this week we played a treble and bass clef note relay race game to help them sharpen their skills with note reading!
The students finished their oil pastel fruit still life drawings this week in art. They were challenged with creating shade and light on the fruit without using black or white. The results were quite yummy.


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