This Week in 7 and 8, Jan. 7

This week we are continuing our study of the U.S. Constitution, discussing why it was created in Philadelphia in 1787 and how it was ratified.  Now we are just about to begin examining it as the blueprint of our democracy.  Any student who would like some extra credit can memorize the preamble.  See

This week in language arts, we began reading George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm.  We have just started to examine the novel as a metaphor for the failures of the Russian Revolution and the rise of Stalin’s totalitarian state. It is an interesting component of our study of American democracy at the time of the Constitution, as well as what is happening in our country right now.

We continued presentations this week in music and learned about the Flexatone instrument from Mick, and Christmas music from Elisabeth!

For our virtual art project, the students drew objects by using the letters in the object’s name to create the object.


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