This Week in 7 and 8, March 3

The 8th graders made groggers!

We continue working on Romeo and Juliet in language arts.

We started using our new Israel curriculum and discussed what makes a nation-state viable and sustainable. We used the acronym P.O.W.E.R. which stand for people, organizations for self rule, water and natural resources, economy, and recognition. There is a lot of information, some of it very current, on their website. Check it out:

We also had a little breakfast party to say goodbye to Yishai and Ayelet. We shall miss them!


This week we had a work day where the students got to work on their individual music presentations! We also had a treble/bass clef notes rebuttal between Yadid and Shai. Our performer was Shai on the electric guitar!


For the next few weeks, we will be integrating the civics curriculum with the Israel work we are doing on civics.


This week in art the students finished their stippled sphere drawings.


Please send in candy etc. for mishloach manot!



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