This Week in 7 and 8, May 13

This week in history we watched a very powerful video from the PBS series The American Experience, which told the tragic story of the Donner Party.  We also studied the Mexican-American War and how the US added most of what would become our western states to the country through its victory over Mexico.

We began our second short story unit this week, reading  Edgar Allan Poe’s classic “The Tell-Tale Heart.  We are also investigating how Poe’s tragically short life influenced his fiction.

Studnets continued working on their Holocaust literature. The 8th graders wrote about their trip to Israel (which was fabulous!)

We had the pleasure of experiencing Shai drumming live in class! He brought in his electric drum kit and gave a great performance! The students also worked on their individual songs by working with sheet music and pianos /guitars. Our Mimi Award Winner was Elisabeth for her proactive spirit and beautiful music!


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