This week in 7 and 8, Nov. 12

In history we are studying the events that preceded our decision to declare independence from England, including the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party; today we are going to compare what happened outside Faneuil Hall in 1770 with what happened 200 years later at Kent State in 1970.

In language arts we started the young adult novel Johnny Tremain, which is considered a classic of historical fiction. The class seems to be enjoying the story of Johnny, a young apprentice silversmith, who comes of age in the years leading up to our Revolution.

We just began the Book of Jonah in Judaics. We did three verses and already we had a philosophical conversation about Jonah. What assumptions did he have that he thought he could disobey God?

In music we worked with Treble Clef Notes today and used bells to work on our reading of those Treble Clef notes! We also had Shai Hurwitz performing on the electric guitar!



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