This Week in 7 and 8

In Social Studies this week, the class is investigating what everyday life was like in the colonies and how it differed between those who lived on farms and those who lived and worked in the cities. They will be examining artifacts created for students to give them a true picture of 17th Century American life. They will also study the infamous triangular trade route, which brought slaves to North America.

In Language Arts, the 7th and 8th Graders are now reading The Crucible in class, taking turns playing the parts of the main characters and doing a very good job of portraying the drama involved as the people of Salem become convinced that witches live among them.

In Judaics we finished The 57 Bus and thought about the author’s purpose in writing the novel. Students began to write an expository essay on why someone might say that this is a book that every graduate of Ezra should. Students could choose other essay titles if they wanted to.It seems more controversial than I thought it would be. Not everyone thought the book was as well written as I had!


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