This week in Kochavim 10/29/21

This week in Kochavim the children learned what the naming part/subject of a sentence is and how to identify it in a sentence.  The children were then given “spooky sentences'' on the smart board and they were asked to identify the verb in the sentence given and write it on their plexiglass divider. Then they were asked to find the naming part/subject in the sentence and write it on their plexiglass divider.  They repeated this activity with a few more “spooky sentences”.  

The focus in reading this week has been the author's purpose.


In second grade math, the stuents are working on subtracting 3 digit numbers and word problems.


In first grade math, the children are working on addition and subtracting and word problems.


The students learned about the dairy industry in Israel, and sang a song about it in Hebrew. They also learned about desalination and agricultural innovations developed in Israel.



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