This Week in Kochavim, 11-19

This week in Kochavim the children learned the difference and similarities between a map, compass, globe, and world map.  They learned what a compass rose is and about cardinal direction.  They then were able to locate things on a map and answer questions using cardinal directions.


In music this week the students got to do their game day with a live board game including rhythm questions to answer along the way! Some of them even took risks of trying the hardest level that dealt with 16th notes, dotted notes, and single eighth notes/rests. We also had Will perform a piano piece and Quinn perform a drum solo for the class!


The Kochavim kids have been singing so many Hanukkah songs. The class made a few Hanukkah crafts on Friday - sufganiot, s’vivonim and Chanukkiot!





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