This Week in Kochavim, Feb. 11

In math this week grade 1 just finished a unit on graphs.  The children learned what tally charts, bar graphs, and pictographs are. They graphed different objects.

The children in grade 2 practiced their multiplication facts for 2 and 3. They solved word problems using these facts.


We are continuing our unit on Space. The children made the moon phases using oreo cookies and then coloring it on their worksheet-Moon Phases.



On Friday grade 1 - 2 celebrated the 100th Day of School. In reading they listened to the story 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler and then answered questions about the story.  For writing they created their own books I Wish I Had 100 . . ..


In math the children rotated through different stations completing the task given at each that had to do with the number 100.

Did your child tell you what the cool new art material that they used last week was? If not, make sure to ask. This week they finished their planet project by painting the planets using warm and cool colors for two of their planets.


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