This Week in Kochavim, Feb. 18

In social studies and reading this week, the children gathered information and wrote about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They sang the song The Presidents. They enjoyed learning about the different pets that have lived at the White House.

Grade 2 Math is continuing to solve multiplication and division problems.

Grade 1 Math is comparing, adding and subtracting numbers to 40.


For our Parshah activity, we talked about the Jewish people jumping to conclusions when Moshe took a long time on Mount Sinai. Then we did a connected activity that involved guessing what we drew on each other’s backs. 

In music, we started off with an impressive improv song by Simmone and then we dove into the world of dynamics - changes in volumes. We learned six different volumes as well as crescendo and decrescendo. Our Mimi award winner was Tamar for her great enthusiasm and kindness.


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