This Week in Kochavim, Jan. 13

In Social Studies this week the children are reading and learning about Martin Luther King. They are making a lapbook about him.

During Science the children have been learning about different habitats and what animals live in them.

For reading this week the children are reading books about Martin Luther King Jr. and answering comprehension questions about the story they read.

The children in Math-2 have started a unit on Measurement. They learned about the different tools that can be used to measure different objects.  The children are enjoying measuring objects in the classroom and recording their answers.

In Math-1 we have started a unit on shapes and solids.  The children are learning about shapes, solids.  They are learning how to sort shapes by their attributes.



This week in art, in conjunction with their science class, the students started working on their animal habitat dioramas. Ask them what habitat their animal lives in.

This week we had a theory day in music and worked on learning about time signatures! The Mimi Award winners were Daniella and Tamar.



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