This Week in Kochavim, June 10

The children in 1-2 had camp week this week at Camp Learn A Lot,  which included Tefillah around the campfire, working in their individual campsites for reading, writing and science, completing end of the year assignments in these subject areas.

For math class we had a whole group lesson around the campfire.  During science class on Friday the children made solar ovens to cook their S’Mores.

On Wednesday, the children took a field trip to the science museum in Hartford with the third and fourth grade classes. The students really enjoyed all the different exhibits!

We had a nice performance from Alex and Will during music and then had our music party! We had yummy snacks, fun music, and we put our song/rap about family together and performed it for each other! The Mimi Champion of the year was awarded to Alex!


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