This Week in Kochavim, March 25

The children listened to the story The Most Magnificent Thing, (the story is  about creating amazing things and understanding that mistakes will happen along the way. It also shows how to regulate emotions to keep persevering through challenging situations). After listening to the story the children made a list of the physical and character traits of the girl in the story. They then wrote a sentence describing the girl. We talked about how the girl in the story got frustrated and mad in the story when her invention wasn’t turning out the way she wanted. After talking about how the girl changed her mindset the children then wrote their own list of what they could do when things were hard for them.


As a STEM activity, the children designed their most magnificent thing and made it out of material that we had in the makers room. Some of the things the children created were piggy banks, games, bird house, bird feeder, robot, etc. They were definitely the most magnificent things!



In music this week we had a fun performance from Alex and Zippy playing guitars together! We also started to write a song together based on Romantic Period music themes - we decided on a Rock n Roll song about family!


In art to celebrate the arrival of Spring, we created a field of flowers using a special painting “tool”. Ask your student what it was!



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