This Week in Kochavim, Sept. 16

We spent time this week in Grade 1-2 talking about How to be a Good Listener. The children talked about shared ways they could be a good listener.


This week in writing the children completed their Small Moment writing piece.



In art we started the year creating a collaborative collage for Rosh Hashanah.  We plan to finish it next week.
This week we did an introduction into music class and talked about how music affected our summers! Our first Mimi Award Winner of the year is Sasha!

In Science this week we continued our Dinosaur Unit.  The children worked together in groups reading and finding out about different types of dinosaurs.  They recorded the information they gathered on their Dinosaur Organizer Charts.  The children also were challenged to design and t build a Dinosaur Skeleton using different materials such as: craft sticks, toilet paper rolls, Q-tips, straws, etc. for our Dinosaur Museum. The results were amazing!



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