Videos and Vlogging!

Hi everyone,

This is a bonus blog with more videos. Please see the video from yesterday with Dani, Eli, and Ethan.

These were taken Monday, Tuesday and today (Wednesday morning).

The first two videos (Tav, Miles, Henry) had some technical difficulties so the audio doesn’t quite match with the video— but we wanted to share anyway. Please accept our apologies.


Rabbi Amanda, Morah Marcy, Julie and Ed

We walked over the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma and one of the students took a video but don’t know who!  We found it when we collected the iPads! Beware- you might get dizzy while viewing.

These next two videos were sort of staged… we gave the kids a prompt that they respond to with their thoughts and ideas.

Noah presented on Wednesday morning. Almost all the kids from Ezra have shared their joint location projects that they worked on with a student from a different school.

This was also prompted… the kids are so articulate and thoughtful.

Marcy Thomaswick



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