Welcome Back, 7 and 8!

We kicked off our year of learning Jewish history together by creating an interactive timeline! Each student picked an event in history and then we had fun sequencing the events and talking about our choices.

In Judaics, we talked about the importance of the month of Elul and how beneficial reflection can be in our lives.

In the Algebra Readiness class this week, we have been reviewing what we learned last year and familiarizing ourselves with a new space! We’ve also focused on our new retention program Get More Math.

In Geometry we looked into areas where we can find geometry in our life. We started to get familiar with some geometry terms.

Our pre-algebra 7th graders have been reviewing the order of operations to solve numerical expressions. The students made a tile about them using expressions and equations.

At the beginning of the week, we tried to come to a consensus on what makes a novel great during language arts class. Now, we are creating a presentation and writing a persuasive essay trying to “sell” our books to other students. If someone chooses to read your books, you get extra credit. Let the fun begin!

In Civics, we researched our local town’s government and how it works.


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