Day 1 Sunday, May 6

At the beginning of the day, everyone was tired when we got on the bus (except for Daniel and Zohar). We arrived at the airport but had to go through security first. It took quite a while because of Miranda’s sunscreen. Once we made it to the gate, we realized that we were late and they were just going to close the gate. When we boarded the plane, everyone was staring at us and a couple of people were clearly not pleased with us. Ben slept almost the entire journey, until he was woken up…

When we got to Baltimore, Eli made sure we realized that there was a new gate and didn’t have to walk anywhere, even though some of us kept walking! The last flight of the day went smoothly, including when the steward gave Daniel more than 20 bags of pretzels.

Lynn Raviv and several community members drove us to the school where we spent a lot of time hanging out and goofing around. We had pizza for lunch and then we did some icebreakers with the other school. We did some journalling, vlogging, blogging, sketching and taking pictures. Morah Marcy ran a lock-box challenge that we all helped with. She also has lots of mind-bending activities which some of us were a tad too tired to absorb.

We had fish and veggie tacos for dinner and for those who don’t like the offerings, there is always a bagel and cream cheese.

Once Hillel came from Rochester, Morah Marcy ran some more icebreakers. David Prevosti, their teacher, led an activity about privilege. He and Rabbi Amanda have a lot in common in terms of their childhoods. Then we had our first location project presentations. Eli and Emma went first with a very impressive slideshow about Selma. Then Katie and Eitan did a very informative talk about Little Rock in 2018. It’s quite different than Little Rock in our novel!

One of our intrepid photographers took some shots of the day school in Birmingham. It’s lovely.

We are now in our home hospitality houses. The whole Jewish community is helping out, not just the day school community.

More to come tomorrow,

Daniel, Katie, Dani, Morah Marcy and Rabbi Amanda, Ed, Julie and the whole of the 6th grade



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